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Name Game Description Rating Views
Asteroids A cool asteroids game by Mike Hall 4 5115
Breakout Breakout 3 9767
Tama Tama A tamagotchi kind of game. 2 7086
Javanoid One of the best games out there.. 5 33920
100 Meter Dash try and set record times running the 100 meter dash 3 9123
Air hockey A cool air hockey game, but its really fast... 4 11382
Dancing Baby Game Control the dancing baby... 3 8442
Backroad Racer an interesting driving game through a farmers eyes. 3 10290
BattleTank A tank shooting game which is quite addictive 5 16928
Black Jack An online version of Blackjack (21). 4 7996
Bowling A cool bowling game! 3 14788
Breakaway Game! A beautifully odd game of soccer: Shockwave Style 3.5 6994
Caterpiller A copy of snake on the cell phone 4.2 15217
Checkers The Classic Game 3.9 8189
Small Foot Excellent soccer game 4.65 7871
Deep Blue Sea Game From the movie 2.9 7775
Delirium A fun shooting game in which you can earn all sorts of power ups and "guns". 4.9 21706
Fill It Try to trap the flyng creatures in this addictive game 5 66421
Gang Busters an arcade-style shooting game 3.7 10417
Haunted Carnival Weird, weird, game in which you through pies at ghouls.. 2.6 7740
Jet Slalom Interesting Slalom Game..... 3.2 26103
Mancala Snails Based on the classic "mancala" game, this game is one to test your brains 3.5 12296
Maniac Racers Be the winner of this car game by completing 8 laps, or destroying all the other cars! 4.5 9059
The Matrix excellent Matrix shooting game! 5 15114
McDomination A McDonalds spoof that is a breakout game. 3.8 7605
Ultimate Nineball! A Game a lot like real pool 3d but toned down a bit.... 4.4 9230
OJ Boxing Make certain OJ is guilty in this box'em-up 3.7 8565
Snake Pit another game like caterpillar, but this one's a bit different 0 10939
Bill Extreme Snowboarding an awesome snowboarding game... 4.81 8785
Snowcraft a snowball fight!! 5 32573
Browser Soccer An OK soccer game... 4.4 7451
Space Masters A cool, spaceracing game 0 7618
Street Combat a cool 1 or 2 player beat-em-up. 4.75 8867
Super Dunk Basketball one of the greats... 5 230323
Super Kid Yet another Mario-Style Game but this one has some sound. 0 18145
Super Mouse Addictive Mario-Style Game but with a mouse as mario. 0 15807
Tail Gunner A space shooting game. Hard? 4.3 8479
Titan A space shooting game which I find reallly hard 3.2 6832
Tux on the Run A super mario like game 4.8 9198
VML Flier Weird Game where you have to fly through tunnels and stuff. IE5+ only 2.6 6056
Word Search a word search.. 3.9 5819
Red Beard A cool game Ryan found - catch the correct bubbles to continue through the levels 5 14611
Pengapop It's a little like Bust-a-Move on Penguin Steroids 4.9 9409

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